Please contact SIBA to discuss your individual requirements and read below for some of the services we offer. 


This can be anything from ‘hey I really need a new couch’ to ‘help I just bought a new house and need the whole thing furnished’ and everything in between. SIBA will even come and help you de-clutter (with style) if that’s what you need. Sometimes all it takes is a different eye and a new take on a space to make a big difference. With trade access to great homewares and furniture brands you will truly be getting a styled home that is all you.

Pre start selections:

Building or renovating? Then you’ll understand this industry jargon! Even if you’re tackling an owner builder scenario or doing a DIY style renovation. There are so many decisions that need to be made and it’s hard trying to figure out if it’s all going to work together! Trawling through tile shops, flooring stores and lighting galleries can get overwhelming. SIBA can help with your selection process, refine your needs and put it all together in a mood board so you can see it all come together in one place. With industry knowledge at hand and having done all the trawling for you, you’ll find this package will streamline your process and take away the stress (and save you heaps of time). 

Product Styling & Mood Boards

Are you a homewares brand or business? Or do you have a product and feel like you need to zhush (I had to google how to spell that) up your Instagram pictures or get some better content for your other social media platforms? SIBA can help with all of the above. Alternatively, a digital mood board can be a great way for your customers to see how your product will work in their lives. This is a fabulous tool to use on social media to update your followers on a new product or range.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a rate card for services.